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Our RUNNERTUNE running shoes made in Germany, rather made in Franconia. With a handful of specialists running shoes are manufactured here in the triathlon stronghold in the Franconian Lake District. But not any – it should be the best that there is in this field.

We are very proud to have won the shoe manufactory HACKNER with its top quality as partner.

We are more than convinced of the product and the last months have shown us that we will no longer be found without our Runnertunes on the streets of Nuremberg.


We are pleased to be able and very proud to introduce Skinfit as a new partner of SightRunning Nuremberg.
Skinfit it goes to prove its know -how by very high quality products , and places the highest value on sustainability and fair production conditions.

The products from Skinfit shall accommodate a variety of requirements to different sports and also shall be universally applicable. The joy of movement through nothing is obscured – this is their credo. In our opinion, the perfect combination to our individual SightRunning tour.
In this sense “Let ‘s Run ” !


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